Shop Act Registration

The Shop Act is an Act that lays down that every shop owner or owner of a commercial establishment should ensure that he or she has a Shop and Establishment License within 30 days from opening that establishment. This license is obtained from the Chief Inspector of that area. If you have not yet got your Shop Act License, now is the time to do so. It isn’t difficult to get a Shop and Establishment Act License. All you have to do is fill up an application form, mentioning the name of the employer, establishment, address and category of the establishment along with the number of employees and other desired information.

Minimum Requirement for Shop Act Registration


  • Passport Size Photograph of Employer.
  • Photo of shop along with owner.
  • PAN Card.
  • Driving License.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Passport.


  • AOA & MOA for company / Partnership deed.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.


  • AOA & MOA for company / Partnership deed.

  • What We Offer in Shop Registration

  • Personal Consulting.
  • Application Preparation.
  • Filing of Shop Act Application.
  • Government Fees.
  • Shop Act License Approval.

  • Online Shop Act Registration Process

    Send Us Documents On Mail

    ABC Out Source Shop Act Expert will prepare your Shop Act License Application along with the necessary supporting documents that needs to be submitted for Shop Registration.

    Once the application is prepared and submitted, the concerned Shop Act Registration Office will process the application and may request for more information or documents.

    While processing the application, ABC Out Source Shop Act Registration Expert will help you respond to any query or request for document (if required) and obtain Shop Act Registration.


    We have expetise professional for Shop Act license Registration Fees,Cost or charges starts with Rs.1499/- INR. onwards.

    For Ease of doing business Maharashtra Goverment had given relaxation to shops having employees below 10. Such Shops are free from Inspection on Labour compliacnes. Shop Act License renewal

    documents are as below

  • Owners Documents.
  • Proof of Addrss.
  • Photo of name board of Shop.
  • partnership Deed / AOA MOA / JV Agreement etc.
  • We professional team helps in applying your registration. Procedure to apply Shop Act license is online.

    Fill the simple form shared by us , share documents.

    Make secured payment.

    Get your registration certificate in next 2 days on email.

    Yes after getting the certificate of shop and establishment registration you can start the business in you state.

    Yes, Shop Act registration is made necessary for every business. It is necessary to make Shop act licence for a new business within a time specified by the state government before starting the business.

    It is necessary to have a Shop Act license for each and every shop in delhi and Maharashtra. Some of these includes, Shops, Commercial Establishment, Residential Hotels, Restaurants, Theatres etc.